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Enso: Why its one of the best technologies for pain relief

Do you have back pain , knee pain, or shoulder pain ? Is it a nerve, muscle or joint? Does it feel like it’s burning, sharp or grinding? Well…. Enso is a new product that can help with all of the above…. and it’s not an infomercial, science fiction or a sales job. Why? Because, I know personally. I’ve tried it…. and it works.
I had the pleasure of having an introduction to the CEO and founder of Enso- Shaun Rahimi. He is one of the most down to earth and incredibly intelligent person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. And frankly, I think you should get to know him and his product that will change lives too.
In this interview, he will discuss the origin story of Enso, how it came to be and how it works. He will discuss the science behind it and most importantly to the viewerwho it helps best.
Please tune in and learn about this game-changing product.

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