Pain Management Video

Endometriosis Pain Management Should Include… #shortsvideo

Is this the Endometriosis protocol you wish your doctor had for YOU?!

Every component mentioned in is what I learned matters if you want to minimize your pain & feel empowered in your body once again👏🏼

This is based off of my personal journey with endometriosis AND the journeys of hundreds of women I’ve worked with teaching them how to ease and manage their pain when no other management option was working…

I was struggling for energy, and to relieve pain…all while trying to find some form of treatment that worked for me..

But after 5 failed surgeries, daily pills, repeated tests, many doctors, not to mention all of the advil, naproxen, and narcotics…I realized that none of it was actually addressing the actual problem of inflammation & hormonal and immune disruption; which was causing my endo to thrive.

It wasn’t until after all of this that I was finally able to reclaim my life.

For those who have tried everything your doctor has mentioned to help your pain, and nothing seems to work, like myself, you need a different approach to help your pain!!

✨A protocol that focuses on a WHOLE BODY APPROACH! That focuses on your gut health, emotional and mental health, hormone regulation, diet and lifestyle, environmental toxins, and more!

❗️This is why I created the Anti-Endo Lifestyle Program! To provide you the guidance, education, and coaching on ALL of these crucial components of the endo healing journey, so you don’t have to deal with the overwhelm of figuring it all out on your own🙌🏻

I’m here to help.