Chronic Pain Video

EMDR Intensives for Chronic Illness & Medical Trauma

Are you living with chronic illness and wondering if counseling might help? Have you experienced overwhelming or upsetting moments in a medical setting? This could be invasive procedures, unexpected injuries, or not being believed or supported by medical personnel in the way you needed. Medical trauma is a BIG deal. It can be triggered anytime you need to go in for an appointment or even think about calling a doctor’s office. It can consume your whole life. Let’s not even get started on how upsetting the medical system can be if you’re neurodivergent, have sensory sensitivities, are a survivor of sexual trauma, and/or if you are queer or trans.

If you want relief from past pain and less fear of the future, I’m a therapist who gets it and I would love to connect with you! Visit my website to learn more and fill out the contact form to book your free 15-minute consultation.