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Dr. Permista Sharma | Ayurveda Doctor for Pain Management, Arthritis, PCOD/PCOS, Respiratory Issues

Dr Permista is an ayurvedic physician practicing ayurveda at Kaya kalp ayurvedic chikitsa kendra, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi. She provide pure, authentic and reliable ayurvedic treatment for different health issues.
Dr Permista is managing pains of various etiology through ayurvedic medicines and therapies. She is successfully healing life style disorders, obesity, migraine, diabetes, thyroid, psoriasis, vitiligo, PCOD/PCOS, arthritis – joints pain, respiratory, abdominal, Low immunity, degenerative diseases, stress, anxiety, insomnia, pollution related health issues, beauty problems, Long term health issues with normal reports and numerous other problems related to health of any age group.

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