Chronic Pain Video

Dr. Isaac Montilla – Treating chronic pain with chiropractic care, ARP wave therapy and nutrition

Dr. Isaac Montilla, licensed chiropractor, speaks on how “Movement is life!” 

He, along with his wife are dedicated to bringing health to the capital city, Tallahassee, Florida. As the owner of Verity Health Center, he, and his entire practice work for the sole purpose of seeing generations achieve true health and to reach 100% of their God-given potential. He works with a fundamental and inevitable truth: that ALL healing comes from within. He provides support, education, and helps to empower the community. 

Rather than focusing on the treatment of symptoms and pain alone, he works hard to correct the cause by working one on one with patients in developing customized plans that restore proper nerve flow and education on nutrition, exercise, and detoxification.

Show notes:

2:45 What brought Dr. Montilla into this line of care

8:38 The beauty of treating holistically

13:20 Infrared sauna

14:50 Nervous System work

19:30 Age range of patients served

20:30 Patient selection

22:30 Movement is Life

26:00 Patient empowerment

29:15 Nutrition and the Standard American Diet (SAD)

33:30 Life is a gift!

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