Chronic Pain Video

Don’t let injuries and chronic pain stop you! #shorts

I have personally suffered from chronic pain and injuries all my life due to sports injuries I incurred when I was a teenager. I know first hand how frustrating it is to be feel sidelined and set back from the activities that you want to do. Some of the best advice that I can give on this subject has been accumulated through the experiences of helping my clients and myself over the last 26 years.
1- Get a proper physical assessment by a certified therapist or trainer to give you a baseline of knowledge of which movements to presently avoid and what exercises can work. It will also be very important for you to become hyper body aware while exercising to feel what exacerbates your issues and what doesn’t.
2- Be patient with yourself. Don’t stress over what you can’t do but instead focus on what you can.
3- Don’t compare yourself to others, rather compare yourself to you yesterday. Have you improved by 1 rep more, increased your weights, more sets, less rest etc… #shorts