Chronic Pain Video

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Good morning. What you’re seeing is the truth beginning in my journey.

This is my beautiful friend Kim, that never gave up on me. She held my hand, in the most difficult moments of my life .continuously inspired me to not give.

At this moment, I’ve been wearing the technology for about maybe four months no more than six.. Kim found out that VoxxLife is coming to Vegas. She called me and she said we’re going . I said absolutely we’re going. We must thank the CEO of this incredible technology for giving me my life back.. I

We didn’t know how we would get there. I had to pennies in my pocket and I needed a plane ticket and hotel.. Kim was not in a better place than me. But we decided even if we had to sleep in the car it’s peanut butter, jelly, sandwiches 😂 we’re going to go and meet Jay Dhaliwal. My true hero my blessing that keeps on giving.

I was so neurologically disconnected that I needed both Socks to keep my neurology in balance. For most people, one sock works magically. You don’t even understand how excited I was when we learned about the magical patch. Oh my God it just to cry, remembering to struggle.😓 to live .The patch meant that I have even more freedom to live life with more joy .it meant that I am able to do the things that I love you even more. It was incredible moment to share with my dear friend Kim.
My life just changed again by having the magical patch.

Five years later, we have so many new products and it’s consistently comes at exactly the time that I need the next step for my better quality of life. I am so grateful for this neurological technology. I will never stop wearing it. I will never stop sharing it. This is my mission, my purpose in my passion.. I don’t know where I would be without this technology. I know where I am. I am living my best life ever don’t ever stop praying and if you stop .try it one more time God hears you . It may take a moment, but he got you. I am your testimony. Blessed I am.
Irene Vaksberg