Chronic Pain Video

Do you suffer from lower back pain ? #exercisemotivation #chronicpain

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Our bodies are designed to provide us movement. We have a stabilization system & a global muscular system that protects our spine as we perform daily activities .

Eye have tailored my workouts to my muscular imbalances & to improve my movement patterns.

1. Our adductors work together with the hip external rosters to create stability through trunk to the hips .

2. Erector spinae & our quadratus lumborum helps to absorb & control our bodies as we walk or run ; thus providing more stability .

3. Glutes Maximus helps to stabilize the sacroiliac (rigid joint located in the back of pelvis) .

4. Tensor Fascia Latae works with the gluteus medius & adductors to balance the overall lumbar-pelvic hip complex (also known as the “core).

These muscles help contribute to basic human movement & mobility . Furthermore, under active or overactive neural active to any of these muscle can cause injuries such as a pelvic fracture.

Now offering ONE-ONE virtual personal training services based off your specific muscular imbalances. DM me to start the intake process !

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