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Do THIS Daily Habits To Avoid Back Pain & Stiffness – Dr. Venkatesh | Raj Shamani Clips

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Featuring – Dr. Venkatesh Movva

In the latest episode of Figuring Out, Dr. Venkatesh Movva engages in an insightful conversation with Raj Shamani. As a Regenerative Medicine Specialist with expertise in Sports Medicine and Pain Management, Dr. Movva delves into the realm of orthopedic care surgeries, knee pain, and much more. From tackling everyday back pain to exploring how we can make better chairs and pillow choices, the discussion goes into preventative measures for knee issues and alternative treatments to surgery. Touching upon common spine ailments and the rise thereof, the dialogue delves into the nuances of biohacking, gene hacking, and the comparative healthcare costs between India and the U.S. Tune in for more enriching insights on our channel.

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