Chronic Pain Video

Discover the Power of Fascial Release: Banish Chronic Pain Today

I am sharing with you a short segment from an hour long fascial release class that I offer my clients. To take the whole class, you can join me live or buy individual classes through my membership site. Reach out to me at
I develop these classes because I suffer from chronic pain myself. After years of suffering from aches and pains and the resulting anxiety, I discovered Gentle Somatic Yoga, Yin, and other myofascial release tools to help heal. I also discovered HeartMath tools for the health of the my nervous system.

Other lifestyle changes including cooking amazingly delicious meals that are healing.

I am a former science teacher, so these videos I am offering include the latest scientific understanding of how the brain, body and heart work.

I was a school teacher for years, so I understand how to give clear, compassionate directions. These videos are just a sample of what I offer my clients and students world-wide. I invite you to visit my website where you can sign up for private or group yoga classes. My classes are accessible to all levels who need a gentle healing practice.

I also work with groups of people in educational settings to help them manage their stress and stay emotionally regulated no matter what is happening around them. Check out those services here.

I also work with individuals with gut issues, autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions with compassionate and thorough health coaching. I am a certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach. You can learn more here.

And I am avid blogger. Sign up for my weekly newsletter. In my weekly newsletter I include helpful practices and recipes too!

Lastly, I am a jewelry designer. That is how my business started. Making jewelry was a form of meditation for me. It keeps me grounded and all of my jewelry is made with attention to detail and loving intention.

I am passionate about health and aging vibrantly. Let’s journey together. With Heart, Andrea