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Demystifying Chronic Inflammation and Chronic Pain. Podcast Audio

In today’s episode, I want to address one of the most dangerous, mysterious, and out-of-sight beast: chronic inflammation, which may or may not come with chronic pain. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Harvard Medical School, Chronic inflammation has been reported to contribute to numerous diseases, including arthritis, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, asthma, atherosclerosis, Neurological diseases, and cancer.
According to Cancer Research Institute, Department of Pathology, UCSF, chronic inflammation is a critical component of cancer and many cancers arise from sites of infection, chronic irritation, and inflammation.

In this episode, I will talk about what inflammation is, 3 common causes of chronic inflammation and pain, And the 4 Main Pillars of healing. I will also share a few real-life recovery stories that I have experienced and witnessed.

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Your host Natasha is the founder of Glow Yoga & Wellness whose mission is to offer daily selfcare for graceful active aging and mental clarity that is sustainable and feels good: you don’t want to miss a day!

Natasha is an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher with 12 years of experience, a Spiritual Psychology teacher, a certified Mindfulness educator, a creator of 360Barre method, and a past student of Judo. Natasha is trained in classical Piano and loves playing live SoundBath Meditations to connect to our Inner Bliss. She is a continuous student of yoga philosophy and a researcher of the ancient yogic scriptures.

After having healed herself from excruciating neck pain, she has developed Glow Wellness Program with holistic 8-limbed yoga, mindful strengthening, and bodywork. With the widespread anxiety, anger, ADD, insomnia, chronic pain, and fast-paced fitness frenzy she hopes to share the sacredness of slowing down.

Glow’s podcast offers holistic selfcare education and science-backed simple routines you can implement today & start feeling better.