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DAY 7 (2) 🍏 Conquering Chronic Disease and Activating Healing | Dr. David Hanscom #healing #video


I want you to venture into a realm of possibility—one where chronic pain is but a distant memory for humanity.

It’s a vision I’ve held close, nurtured by the profound belief that our intricate bodies possess an extraordinary power for self-restoration.

After all, our bodies are orchestras of complexity, each note played in harmony by the symphony of our systems. But here’s the question that beckons us: Are we truly attuned to the whispers of our own being?

As I reflect on this journey, my heart still aches for the souls who endure the heavy burden of chronic pain and illness. It’s a sight that tugs at the very core of my being, sparking a fire within me to seek a brighter path for those who walk through the shadows.

Whether the pain resides in the fibres of the body or the labyrinthine passages of the mind, witnessing such struggles remains an unwavering source of compassion and inspiration.

Each time I encounter these battles, a resolute determination courses through me—a reminder that there’s more to be explored, more to be unveiled in the journey toward holistic well-being. It’s a journey that beckons us to listen intently to the narratives our bodies share, deciphering the language of discomfort and unravelling the knots that hinder us.

In this intricate dance between pain and healing, let’s embark on a mission to bridge the gap between suffering and liberation. Together, we can create a world where chronic pain need not be the prevailing narrative, where the innate wisdom of our bodies finds harmony with modern understanding.

Dear friend, this is your invitation—to explore, to learn, and to ignite the spark of possibility.
Join me on this healing episode with Dr. David Hanscom, where we strive to not only alleviate pain but to unearth a world where vibrant health and well-being flourish for all.

David Hanscom’s orthopedic spine surgery practice focused on patients with failed back surgeries. He quit his practice in Seattle, WA to present his insights into solving chronic pain, which evolved from his own battle with it. His book, Back in Control is associated with an action plan, “The DOC Journey”, which guides patients in solving mental and physical pain. Here is a link to his resources: His latest book is, Do You Really need Spine Surgery? – Take Control with a Surgeon’s Advice is intended for health care providers and patients alike to make an informed decision about undergoing spinal surgery. Other activities include a weekly podcast, “Back in Control Radio”, a Psychology Today blog called, “Anxiety: Another Name for Pain,” and coordinating and international scientific roundtable, “The Dynamic Healing Discussion Group.” He has created an app and self-directed course, “The DOC Journey,” which action plans for healing. His vision is to connect clinical medicine with the science and emphasise the importance of the healing relationship between the clinician and patient.
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