Pain Management Video

Crystal Bowls Breathing Pure Oxygen, Pain Relief. Binaural Beats. Flashing Images..

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Even Better Results with Surround Sound Speakers. Use Full Screen.. This Binaural Beats Video, Creates The Impression Of Breathing Pure Oxygen.. It Can Be Used for Pain Relief.. This Binaural Beats Get Inside Your Brain, You Can Feel The Sensation..

Note : For Binaural Beats to Work, You Need To Hear The Frequency, But Many Other Binaural Beats Videos Use String Sounds, That Overwhelm The Sound of a Binaural beat.. Also Note, The Vibrations In The Binaural Beat.. Create Slight Vibrations in The Noise..

How does it work? For Pain Relief

You Heighten The Experiences Of The 5 Senses. High Pitched Noises Feel Like They Are Inside The Brain, And A Slight Vibration In The Noise Also Heightens The Experience Of Pain Relief… If you Have a Visual Headset, You Can Allow The Colors In The Video To Surround You. Im using 2 senses.. Sight And Sound… High Pitched Noises, And Color Therapy. Then You Heighten The Experiences of The 5 Senses, You Can Relieve Pain..

During Or After Taking Out Your Headphones You Might Hear The Sensation Of Water Running in your head..

The 5 senses.. For Pain Relief..

Sound – High Pitched Noises That Pulse And Move With Your Breathing. And The High Pitched Noise Needs To Vibrate At Times..

Sight – Flashing Colors, Purple, Blue, and Light Blue. For Color Therapy That Involves The Brain. Flashing Frequently Or Faster..

Taste – Hot Chilli Peppers Or Chilli Seeds, Place A Chilli Seed On Your Tongue.. Intense Heat On Your Tongue Causes The Sense Of Pain Else Where To Fade..

Touch – Tapping Your Head, With Your 4 Fingers And Thumb, Slightly Reduces Pain.. Increasing The Speed Also Helps..

Smell – Use Lavender Oil For Aromatherapy..

One More Sense, Skin or Muscles – Use Lavender Oil or CBD Oil on the place where you feel pain.. You can also put a few drops of CBD oil in a glass of water or under the tongue..

I created this Binaural Beats Video using Brainwave Generator. Bwgen.exe.. No Longer Available for download.. Note : Please dont download bwgen31.exe or anything like it, as they are all viruses and they dont work anymore.. The Source Website no longer exists..

Now you Know, i Hope People Can This information In Order To Make Better Binaural Beat Videos..