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COMING SOON – Chronic Pain Program Scholarship!

The Chronic Pain Breakup Method SCHOLARSHIP is coming back!

As a chronic pain specialist, it’s my mission to empower and equip women with stubborn pain to heal themselves, using strategies backed by science.

And I am HONORED to share this opportunity with you to apply for a FULL PROGRAM SCHOLARSHIP.

The Chronic Pain Breakup Method is my 16-week program designed to help you BEAT stubborn pain even when nothing has helped in the past by focusing on the deeper underlying cause of chronic pain–the nervous system.

You get the personalized, step-by-step plan AND one-on-one support to help you customize the process for your unique situation.

My goal is that you’ll not only get yourself as pain-free as possible during your time in the program, but also equip yourself with the knowledge, tools, and strategy to continuously and consistently manage, treat, and prevent pain in the long run.

✨And I will be giving one lucky winner full program access completely FREE.✨

This scholarship is going to go to the applicant I believe is fully committed, proactive, has vision and purpose, and who I am confident will benefit from this approach.

The application period starts Monday, September 11 through Sunday, September 17.

So, keep an eye out because I will be sharing the link to the application on Monday via email and my social media platforms.

Set a reminder for Monday to apply!

Let me know in the comments if you plan to apply because you can’t wait to start doing what’s best for your body, your nervous system, and your life.

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