Chronic Pain Video

#Chronicpain and the Opioid Epidemic help me raise awareness or the thousands of us living like this

Hello Warriors! First off I obviously need new shocks on my truck . Secondly I hope this video reaches the masses . I am truly trying to help us chronic pain patients get back our medications so that we can get back our lives . I know there are far too many loss of lives from patients being taken off of their medications. Living in chronic under treated or untreated pain is miserable . I know there are plenty of you out there who are struggling like I am . Or worse a family member of someone who successfully took their own lives because they could no longer handle the pain. Living with an invisible illness and being young has caused me to be misjudged. Or at least I thought that was mostly why. Until I was at my pain Drs office seeing folks come out in wheelchairs. Or obviously on the verge of tears . Because they were being taken off of their medications and put on a medication not even FDA regulated for chronic pain!!! Buprenorphine Naloxone AKA Suboxone. There are no tests stating it is safe for us to take long term or even to take for our pain . In fact the literature that comes with the medications blatantly states “ not to be used for chronic pain” I feel like it should be our right to be able to take the medications we need as much as anyone else . As long as we know the possible dangers we should be able to take the medications we know work with our bodies. These medications have been demonized and I’m truly so sick of being treated like something I am not . I am a patient not an addict. Stand with me and spread this like wildfire guys ! All my love and prayers for pain free moments!