Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Stress, Chronic Inflammation and Chronic Pain #stressmanagement

🤔 Have you ever wondered how stress can impact your physical health beyond just feeling overwhelmed? discomfort.

🌡️ Chronic Stress and Inflammation:
Stress triggers the release of hormones like cortisol, which, when consistently elevated, can lead to a state of chronic inflammation. Inflammation, in turn, is associated with various health issues, including neuroinflammation and arthritis.

🔗 Chronic Stress and Chronic Pain:
Ever wondered why some individuals with chronic stress also experience persistent pain? Chronic stress can sensitize the nervous system, amplifying pain signals and contributing to conditions like fibromyalgia or tension headaches. Understanding this connection is crucial for developing effective strategies to manage both stress and chronic pain.

😴 Chronic Stress and Sleep Problems:
Lastly, sleep is vital for overall health, and chronic stress can disrupt the delicate balance necessary for restful sleep.

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