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Chronic Pain Syndrome – Pain Management | Chronic Pain Vs Acute Pain – David Hanscom, M.D. Interview

Chronic Pain Syndrome – Pain Management | Chronic Pain Vs Acute Pain – David Hanscom, M.D. Interview
Why is Teen Chronic Pain up 800%?


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When you think of chronic pain you are likely to
imagine older people whose bodies have broken down over
time—not teens. Let David Hanscom, M.D., share a topic
you’ve probably never heard before as he reveals why
teenage chronic emotional and physical pain is robbing
America of its future, having risen more than 800% in
the last ten years. But he does have good news: the
anxiety that is fueling young people’s pain can be
dealt with and he’ll share ways the body’s stress
chemicals can be reduced, and what we should be
teaching children in elementary school that would be
game-changing. Dr. Hanscom is an orthopedic spine
surgeon who quit his surgical practice to teach
patients and medical practitioners how to solve chronic
pain. His most recent book is “Do You Really Need Spine


I want to give special thanks to ChristianaCare for releasing Treating Chronic Pain.

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Chronic pain syndrome vs chronic pain illness

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