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At Integrated Pain Consultants, we believe in helping Chronic Pain patients with multiple forms of treatment. We will consider using more than one treatment option. Is it Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain or medications for Chronic Pain or a variety of other treatments available to us for managing your Chronic Pain in Phoenix, AZ.?

Chronic Pain can be defined as a Persistent pain that lasts weeks to years. The pain may be caused by inflammation or dysfunctional nerves. Individuals with Chronic Pain may experience:
• Pain areas: in the back, joints, mouth and face, muscles and bones, or neck
• Pain types: can be caused by psychological factors
• Sensory: pins and needles or sensitivity to pain
• Psychological: depression or fear
• Also common: anxiety, fatigue, headache, or sleep deprivation

Chronic Pain, just like high blood pressure or diabetes has to be managed. When a patient with Chronic Pain comes to our offices, we do a deep consultation. From that we create a fully customized medical treatment plan for the short term as well as the long-term effects.

If you’ve been told to just deal with your Chronic Pain and there is nothing further that can be done, give the specialists at Integrated Pain Consultants to create a plan geared towards your specific Chronic Pain issue.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please go to our website, to schedule an evaluation.

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