Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Pain Patient: My Non-surgical Treatment With BioXcellerator

Discover one man’s journey from debilitating pain due to multiple car accidents to a rejuvenated life, all thanks to BioXcellerator. Hear first-hand about the alternative to surgery and the life-changing impact of total body rejuvenation. Subscribe for more inspiring stories and health breakthroughs with BioXcellerator.

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———————Contents of This Video—————————

00:00 – Intro
00:08 – “I’m only 59 years old and walking around sluggish with all the pain all of the time, I said I got to do this.”

00:15 – “My body comes first. My health is worth more than money.”

00:56 – “I came here because I said this is what I’m going to do instead of getting surgery.”

01:45 – “The following day, I got up and was walking 75% better, and then the next day I’m fine.”

01:56 – “They just make me feel any home here.

02:10 – “The first treatment, the first IV bag I got, the pain that I was feeling that was beating up my body every day, I’m not feeling it anymore.”