Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Pain: Is healing possible?

One of the deepest wishes of those, suffering from chronic pain is a complete recovery. But is healing from chronic pain really possible? But there is a reason why this kind of pain is chronic. It’s chronic because it has a history that is connected to a lot of learning in the brain and body. While some people experience a complete recovery, most pain patients are more or less stuck with the pain. But you can learn how to deal with it in ways that allow you to lead a rich and fulfilled life nevertheless.

Disclaimer: Pain.Pause.Live. is no substitute for a regular psychotherapy nor for medical treatment. We want to help you to gain and build up your quality of life despite chronic pain. If you suffer from chronic pain please turn to a doctor or a hospital for therapy.

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Our mission is to provide you with scientifically proven, cutting edge psychological knowledge so you can regain responsibility over the quality of your life and lead into a direction of sense and meaning. We know that you are the expert by your own means and want to provide you with the knowledge of the specialists so you can better deal with the chronic pain and side effects like anxiety and depression. #gideonfranck #chronicpain
00:00 Introduction
00:22 Difficulty of healing chronic pain
01:39 Fighting pain is normal
02:23 Can chronic pain go away?
04:08 What to expect from pain therapy?
04:21 Living a fulfilled life despite pain
06:02 Empowerment for a better life