Chronic Pain Video

Chronic pain: How can treatment from chiropractors and osteopaths help? | Osteo and Chiro CPD

Adjustments can help to stretch muscles and decompress nerves. Vibration can help to activate proprioceptive pathways. Low level laser can help to desensitise the peripheral afferent pathways.

Jake Cooke graduated from the AECC in 2009 with a Masters with Merit in Chiropractic. Since that time he has been dedicated and relentless in his study of neurology and understanding human health. Through his continuing studies, the importance of a healthy body and it’s influence on the brain has become ever more apparent. Through a detailed exam and specific treatment plan he can increase the function of both body and brain for a long term healthy change. Jake is a full member of the British Chiropractic Association and the General Chiropractic Council.

The Academy of Physical Medicine streams your CPD live via the internet, so you can complete your CPD requirements from the comfort of your own home or practice – without taking time away from your business, and without sacrificing the opportunity to interact with the speakers and with other practitioners.
The CPD events are fully interactive, highly informative and hugely varied. What’s more they relate directly to your clinical practice and to the requirements of the General Council.
They’re unlike any other online CPD – think chat-show, not PowerPoint! You can watch, listen and ask questions using your preferred device, and it all counts towards your ‘Learning with Others’ quota. All the broadcasts (except case-based discussions) are recorded and available on the website with full supporting material (transcripts, summaries, handouts and more).
Every broadcast is followed up with a highly detailed certificate, including all the information needed by the General Council for your CPD return. They even include a draft statement of reflection!