Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Pain: Energy Alignment Class

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to create the life and business you desire?
Tired of the long never ending to-do list?
Wondering if there was an easier way to create the life you really desire?

During this class Kristi Sullivan shares Human Design with you so that you can understand who you are at a soul level.

Then Jacqueline M Kane talks to you about how we are conditioned to be a certain way in order to fit into our family and takes you through a powerful process to begin to clear that conditioning NOW.

This free class is for you if you:
– feel that you have energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck
- run into obstacles when going after your goals
- are looking for an easier way to live your life
During this class you will:
- learn about your unique energy blueprint to help you thrive
- learn about a powerful mind body technique to break free from conditioning

If this resonates with you and you would like to clear more of your conditioning we are opening up our 4 month Energy Alignment Program:
It includes:
– 3 monthly meetings
– The 1st week is with Kristi to dive deep into your Human Design
– The 2nd week is with Jacqueline to work on clearing any limiting beliefs and outdated conditioning
– The 3rd week is a joint session with us both to provide additional coaching and guidance
These are small groups (limited to 3-4) people.
You have us for the 4 months to keep you on track.

All of this for $997 (ask us about payment plans) — a significant discount from 1:1 sessions we normally charge, since this is limited to 3-4 people.

Here is what other clients have said about the program:
I had a realization this morning. When asked in our last session about reasons to celebrate I hadn’t thought of income but today I checked my numbers and while I’m not at my end goal I have definitely achieved something big, which is actually the most important goal of mine far more so than how much I earn.

Since the beginning of the financial year (April) I have already earned more than what I did throughout the whole previous financial year but this is the important bit, I earned it doing what I love with flow and ease which actually was my true goal. No matter how much I earn I always want to do it in a way I love with flow and ease. So I’m celebrating today 🥳

Here is what another client has said about working with Kristi Sullivan and Jacqueline Kane: