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Chronic Pain Education in Medical Schools: a DISASTROUS OMISSION

What would happen if you asked your doctor about nervous system retraining?

Odds are, they wouldn’t be able to answer your question because they don’t know enough about it. 

But that isn’t because this is pseudoscience or something I just made up on my own.

I strongly value evidence-based care and I won’t tell you anything that isn’t backed by pain neuroscience research or clinical trials.

Docs don’t know about this stuff because they aren’t taught it in medical schools.

And think about it, even those who are taught even just the slightest bit about pain neuroscience and the role the nervous system plays in the experience of pain, end up doing residencies with doctors who also probably haven’t been taught any of this stuff.

New doctors in residency tend to mimic what they see their attendees doing. 

Not only that, MEDICAL school teaches our providers to practice MEDICINE.

And for whatever reason, teaching someone what they can do on their own to improve their pain and their health isn’t considered medical care.

So those docs who did get up to 5 hours of pain care training, probably learned the MEDICAL management side of things – not the nervous system retraining side of things.

Make sense? 

I’d love to know what your doctors have said when you asked them about this.. and what you think..

Let me know in the comments. 

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