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Chronic Pain & Depression: Part 1 Your body

Chronic Pain and depression are often associated. Together they make it very hard to escape the bonds they create. In this video we are going to have a look at what the conditions of our body are that play an important role in this process.

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From obvious mechanism to things you might not have thought of are covered here. It is important to get knowledge and be informed about what is happening inside of you. This is the first step you can take to change something.

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Please remember that there is help. The first person to turn to should be a doctor (at least for most of us). If not available call a hotline. You can find some on the following websites:





⚠️ Disclaimer: Pain.Pause.Live. is no substitute for a regular psychotherapy nor for medical treatment. We want to help you to gain and build up your quality of life despite chronic pain. If you suffer from chronic pain please turn to a doctor or a hospital for therapy.

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Our mission is to provide you with scientifically proven, cutting edge psychological knowledge so you can regain responsibility over the quality of your life and lead into a direction of sense and meaning. We know that you are the expert by your own means and want to provide you with the knowledge of the specialists so you can better deal with the chronic pain and side effects like anxiety and depression.

00:00 Chronic Pain & Depression
01:53 What is chronic pain?
02:14 What is depression?
03:57 Pain vs. depressive symptoms
05:20 Inflammation, sickness behavior & depression
06:56 Brain activation in pain and depressive symptoms
09:04 Psychological factors #gideonfranck #chronicpain
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