Chronic Pain Video

Chronic pain, chronic dizziness & how to cure them: interview with Dan Buglio

In this interview, coach and neuroplastic condition specialist Dan Buglio shares his knowledge and experience with chronic pain, chronic dizziness and more. Watch to hear Dan’s philosophy on how to cure these conditions, why you don’t need “neuroplasticity” and how he views PPPD, MdDS and similar chronic conditions as exactly the same phenomenon.

Huge thank you to Dan for his time and generosity in sharing his views with us and the world via this interview and his YouTube channel!

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00:00 Intro
00:02:05 Dan’s story of back pain and how he got into coaching
00:06:11 Dan summarizes just approach to chronic pain and other symptoms
00:09:10 How perceived danger leads to pain and other symptoms
00:11:45 Why we end up with perceived danger
00:13:45 “Danger mode” is the core problem
00:15:00 Dr. Yo’s views on digging into past experiences
00:16:45 The core purpose is reducing danger mode in the brain
00:18:23 How Dan recommends approaching symptoms when you can’t get your brain to believe it’s safe
00:23:10 How addressing the emotional, physical and mental aspects of safety help people recover
00:24:00 How to address the emotional aspect of safety
00:25:06 How to leverage your physical state to make yourself feel safe
00:29:35 How to leverage your mental state to make yourself feel safe
00:31:30 Why “thinking positive” is not the solution to chronic pain and dizziness
00:34:29 How cultivating indifference helps with recovery from chronic pain and dizziness
00:39:39 why Dan doesn’t like rigid recovery programs
00:40:10 how medical professionals can inadvertently harm people with chronic pain and dizziness
00:41:30 how coaching can help
00:44:05 Dr. Yo’s view that chronic dizziness has particularly high “danger messages”
00:45:30 Neural circuit disorders can show as many different symptoms
00:48:50 why medical professionals are not very good at recognizing and helping with mindbody symptoms
00:51:59 Dr. Yo’s explanation of “perceived danger” dizziness
00:56:01 chronic dizziness does not always start with a physical disorder
00:57:35 why MdDS sensations are actually normal & the issue is persistence
01:00:30 Your reactions aren’t your fault- your brain was pre-wired for “danger mode” or perceived danger
01:02:20 why Dan approaches pain and dizziness in the same way
01:07:10 why Dr. Yo likes to dig into emotions and past experiences with clients
01:10:40 the bottom line: if you don’t buy into the safety, these methods will not work
01:11:30 the importance of our channels in promoting messages of safety
01:16:13 why Dan doesn’t like “neuroplasticity” programs