Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Pain and Mental Health VA Claims

0:20 What is chronic pain? | How is chronic pain defined?
1:35 Does pain need to be the same severity constantly to be considered “chronic pain”?
2:37 What are common complications due to chronic pain? | What are conditions related to chronic pain?
3:04 Depression due to chronic pain
4:25 Substance abuse due to chronic pain
4:36 Are there other causes of chronic pain aside from an injury?
4:50 Other conditions associated with chronic pain
5:52 Endometriosis and chronic pain VA benefits for women veterans
6:45 Can you get service connection for chronic pain?
7:28 Back injury chronic pain example
8:10 Can you get secondary service connection for conditions due to chronic pain? (Depression, mental health disorders)
8:48 How to get help for depression and your chronic pain
9:30 How to get service-connected for chronic pain

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