Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Pain and Lupus – Management Strategies (講座題目:「 慢性疼痛、管理策略與紅斑狼瘡」) (HSS)

Take a closer look at various pain medications and chronic pain management strategies. Sophia Deng, RN, Hospital for Special Surgery, shares useful tips and discusses the impact of Asian culture on people’s pain experience especially those living with chronic conditions such as lupus. This program, conducted in Cantonese Chinese, is jointly presented by LANtern®(Lupus Asian Network), HSS Nursing Department & NewYork Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital’s Chinese Community Partnership for Health.

本講座更深入地講解各種止痛藥、建議管理疼痛的方法, 以及亞裔傳統文化如何影響紅斑狼瘡等慢性病患者對疼痛的體驗。特殊外科醫院 (Hospital for Special Surgery) 註冊護士 鄧秀敏 用粵語講解。節目由紅斑狼瘡亞裔關懷聯盟, 特殊外科醫院 護理部及紐約長老會下城醫院福安康寧華人社區保健計劃共同協辦。

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