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Chronic pain & 3 ways to help

If you have back pain, neck pain, arthritis, tension headaches, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain or a combination of these then you know the impact that this has on the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE.

The cause of pain can be due to:
Past injuries, whether they are sports or work related
Repetitive activities or jobs
Long term unresolved postural issues that load up different joints, especially hips, low back and neck
Lack of exercise/mobility
Weight gain

But maybe not. If so, what is driving this pain?
What makes this pain continue and difficult to resolve?
This is why finding the CAUSE or CAUSES of the pain is important, not just treating the symptoms.

Pain is our brain’s way of telling us ‘something is wrong’. Like the red light flashing on our car dashboard. It’s a warning. If you are interested in the cause of the flashing light then you need to run some tests. If not, you can simply cut the wire that causes the light to flash. Symptom gone, but problem is still there.

Pain can tell us exactly what the problem is, especially when you stub your toe on the edge of a door or touch something hot.

But not always. General limb and back pain does not always tell us the cause of the problem. There are so many different types of pain, such as tingling, numbness, sharp, dull, deep, achey, shooting pain. Pain can be short term event or long term and more chronic in nature.

So pain can be:
Acute, like the sharp of a pin prick. This is associated with pain, heat, redness, swelling and often reduced function
Chronic, pain that is more consistent, after 12 weeks. This is often due to long term stressors, and cause arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune issues

When the body is under threat, then the IMMUNE SYSTEM kicks in. If you bump into something or fall off a bike, then the body will send an army of immune cells to ‘clean up’ the damage and restore normal order and function to the damaged part. The immune system is what deals with not only trauma, but infection and disease.

The job of your immune system is to PROTECT YOU.
Pain can be due to the immune system creating an unwanted response to our own body cells, otherwise known as autoimmune. This can cause painful conditions such as:
-Rheumatoid arthritis
Some pain does not fitting neatly into a category, and may be a very general pain, such as the pain of fibromyalgia, that the origin of is unclear.

In this blog we are looking at chronic pain and what its main driver. One thing for all to remember, is that pain is due to inflammation. Think of sunburn, the heat, redness and pain are present as the body does its best to repair the damaged tissues.

Once the body has been inflamed and pain is present, the body then deals with the problem. Once resolved, you are free to go back to the normal you, so you can get on with your life, without further interruptions.
Not with chronic pain.


So what causes CHRONIC PAIN?
There are external factors and internal factors that can contribute to chronic pain, a pain that is around for longer than 12 weeks.

External (outside your body) causes;
infection, pathogens such as viruses or bacteria, parasites
Toxins in the home and personal care products, air pollution
Allergens in the environment and in food

Internal causes:
metabolic, eg diabetes
Mechanical stressors such as postural, scoliosis
Oxidative stress from smoking, medication, food additives, too much exercise, emotional stress
Gut flora imbalance, leaky gut (dysbiosis)
Omega 3, Vitamin D deficiencies


Dealing of the following stressors will reduce the burden on your body and help you heal:
1. Reduce physical stress
2. Reduce emotional stress
3. Reduce chemical stress

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