Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Low Back Pain | The Bridge (Not THAT Bridge)| Resilient Back

In this episode of the Resilient Back, we discuss how many treatment options for chronic low back pain are incomplete. This leaves a client to continue to struggle with low back pain even though they feel they should be getting better because they are getting treatment.

By the time we consult with a client, many of them have already seen half a dozen, give or take, providers that promised results; less pain, and back to activity.

The story is always the same. They are given poor advice, basic core exercises, and no meaningful progressions towards their goals. Rinse and repeat.

What truly works is having an expert back pain coach who will hear the client’s entire story and how back pain is affecting them, past, present, and concerns for the future.

Goals are discussed, and a plan is formulated with the client to keep the plan focused, fun, and progressive to meet the clients ultimate goals.

Having access to a coach with a program that utilizes the most up to date research from all aspects of chronic back pain relief is the only way to build the bridge to where the client wants to go.

If you are unable to manage your back pain, find yourself avoiding your favorite activities, and have been stuck in the cycle of seeing provider after provider with no relief… Click the link below for more information on how we approach low back pain:

We do not work with everyone but if you are 100% committed to getting rid of your back pain once and for all, and are ready to invest in your back and overall health, we’d be happy to connect and see if we think we can help!