Chronic Pain Video

Chronic #kneepain relief when you’ve already seen at least 3 docs without relief

Did you know that your knee could even make that noise?

Well, it’s not your knee, It’s actually adhesion being torn out! 😳

You might be asking, what’s adhesion?

Is it dangerous?

Well, adhesion is a glue-like substance that your body creates after trauma to mend your body back together.

The only issue with this glue is that when it doesn’t go away naturally or when too much of it builds up, it can cause chronic pain, muscle tightness, or pinch nerves.

What makes adhesion dangerous is the fact that, if left untreated, it could cause YEARS of chronic pain and discomfort.

It can lead to speedening arthritis or meniscus tears in the knee and ultimately lead doctors to try to fix it with cortisone shots or tell you, “You need surgery.”

But that’s where we come in.

🌎 We are the amongst the world’s leading experts in removing adhesion and SOLVING chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or shots.

So if you have been in pain for longer than 6 months and have seen 3 or more doctors, you are the PERFECT candidate for our treatment!

👉Comment below – how many doctors have you seen TRYING to get your knee pain fixed?

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