Chronic Pain Video

Chronic illness collector (check description)

This is my personal sub. I personally don’t make a lot of subs but I share this link just in case anyone wants to listen.

Btw I don’t glam chronic illnesses but I just want to suffer and worsen all my illnesses. And maybe respawn one day. There’s no death affs, but I can personally die from some of these illnesses if I want it extremely severe and stop taking care of myself at the same time. But when that time come for me to respawn I will use @macrovilla @ugclinic respawn subs.

There’s extra in here that I don’t have but I added cause if I the symptoms or it usually common with another illness.

You can block out anything you dont want with your mind

The benefits of this sub
-low/high blood pressure
-orthsatic tachycardia
-symptoms of pots (too many to say but most of them are similar to orthostatic hypotension (low bp) symptoms

-joint pain


-joint pain
-allergic to everything.
•desired lotions
•desire soaps
-allergic to desire medication
•sensitive to medication
• get side effects easily
Allergic MCAS reactions
-get congested easily

Gastroparesis (include Feeding tubes and weight lost)

FND/Seizures (any type of seizure you can tho
Chronic pain
Money to be able to pay for medical bills and stuff

I layered everything a buncchhhhh of times. I’m to lazy to share the affs cause it a ton. If you have any questions just comment and hope I see it lol.