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Chronic #hamstrings TendonOSIS- removing all of the layers of adhesion

😱 Lisa has chronic hamstring TENDONOSIS.

This is a degenerative condition where the hamstring tendon is fraying because it can’t handle the stress, long-term.

She’s been under our care for a while, is 80-90% improved, and we continue to remove all of the deeper adhesions she has.

Usually, adhesion will restrict the ability to touch the toes.

🍝 🥩 First, we treat the sciatic nerve at adductor magnus, which does NOT commonly restrict that range.

But it did reduce her pain immediately.

⚡️ Then, we zap her hamstring tendon with the shockwave machine. Degenerated tendons is one of the most effective places to treat with shockwave as it helps to regenerate these tendons, kills senescent or aging cells, and release stem cells.

🥩 Then, we check the space between her medial hamstrings and adductor magnus. There was a spot that was stuck too.

💪🏼 Degenerates tendons ❤️ eccentric loads (where you lengthen slowly under load). It’s relatively hard to do this with the ham tendon.

Dr. Chris shows one of the better, but still not super effective ways (especially since Lisa is so flexible).

She can put her foot up on a chair, slowly lean into it, at end range feel a good stretch, then put the other foot down on the ground before standing up (avoiding the concentric load).

If this felt effective for her, she can do 2 sets of 15 reps a day with a light symptom at the tendon and then work to increase the load by adding a 5-10 pound plate to her chest.

⭐️ If you can imagine, chronic pain when you’ve already been to at least 3 docs or therapists is hard to fix.

⭐️ That’s why our doctors spend so much time diagnosing, feeling, and exploring – so no adhesions go unfound.

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