Chronic Pain Video

Chronic foot pain relief with #painreprocessingtherapy

#plantarisfacitis diagnosis? This chronic pain condition is a neuroplastic pain condition even when given a diagnosis of thickening of the plantar fascia. Certainly creating more mobile feet derives huge benefit whether in pain or not. But stress, emotional dysregulation, trauma and how we react to our felt pain is key to chronic pain relief.

This clip is the last session of eight in my online, small group #chronicpain freedom course teaching ‘Pain Reprocessing Therapy’ (PRT) @ThisMightHurt and other anxiety regulation skills. My client has high pain on walking and leads a stressful life. I guide my client through a #somatictracking exercise in which she down regulates her nervous system and participates in the activity of walking that triggers her pain as you’ll see even thinking about walking causes pain!

Please note that this recording is edited and speed-up.

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