Chronic Pain Video

Chronic Back Pain, Knee Instability, Tingling Arms & Ankle Pain Helped!

Janelle came to visit Dr. Rahim for help with chronic health issues she’s been suffering from. She complained of constant achy low back pain, ankle pain, ankle instability, knee pain, tingling in the arms, neck stiffness & neck pain. Dr. Rahim explained, in detail, all her findings on her X-rays. Janelle is a structural engineer and gets the “level foundation principle,” in the gonstead work. She has a tilted pelvis (foundation) and a rotated sacrum that started the process of compensation above. She has calcification and of the bones and joints in the low back and a spatulated L5 transverse process creating an accessory joint to her sacrum. Dr. Rahim also explained the five spinal defense mechanism that leads to calcification in the spine, also called the subluxation degeneration model of osteoarthritis. This is a tough case, but Dr. Rahim doesn’t stop hunting for the cause. Enjoy the episode.
———In this video—————————
0:00 – Intro Welcome to the Office
0:09 – Consultation
5:11 – X-Ray Analysis
19:48 – Difference Between Arthritis & Calcification
23:14 – X-Ray Analysis
24:16 – Walking Analysis
24:55 – Scoping
26:28 – Palpation
27:22 – Examination
29:19 – Game Plan
29:44 – Sacrum Adjustment On Hylo Table
30:20 – T8 Adjustment On Hylo Table
30:43 – Walk Off The Adjustment
31:59 – Re-Scoping
32:30 – Neck Adjustment
33:19 – Walk Off The Adjustment
34:01 – Re-Scoping
34:57 – Vibration Therapy
36:22 – Ears & Shoulders Adjustment
36:38 – Feet Adjustment
38:15 – L5 Adjustment On Hylo Table
38:56 – Walk Off The Adjustment
40:01 – Re-Scoping
40:23 – Examination After Adjustment
42:23 – Hands Adjustment
43:50 – Outro


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