Chronic Pain Video

Cannabis For Chronic Pain – CBD + Cannabis for Muscular Dystrophy

Rosa Jiménez is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, with a keen focus on data-driven insights and industry evolution. As the founder and CEO of BIG Cannaverse, and the driving force behind BIG Cannabiz Directory, Rosa has curated the largest B2B directory in the cannabis sector (45k listings, 700k data-points, and counting!), connecting businesses across North America. With over 16 years of experience spanning research, writing, marketing, and consulting, she brings a unique blend of expertise to the table.

Her commitment to credible data collection and ethical practices sets a gold standard in the industry. Rosa’s journey into the cannabis world is deeply personal. After being diagnosed with FSHD2 Muscular Dystrophy in 2022, she turned to CBD for pain management, a decision that not only provided relief but also ignited her passion for the cannabis sector. This experience, combined with her background as a woman of color navigating the challenges of disability, gives her a distinctive perspective on the industry’s potential for inclusivity and empowerment.

Rosa’s analytical prowess, combined with her personal experiences, positions her as a compelling advocate for the cannabis sector. Her dedication to reducing stigma, promoting understanding, and ensuring representation for all makes her a leading voice in the cannabis community. Connect with Rosa and explore her initiatives at or follow her on LinkedIn @RosaElenaJimenez.