Pain Management Video

Can weight loss help with pain management?

The main reasons and 3 action points to take away…

Main reasons:
– Yes it can
-If you have an injury you need to gte that look at specially by a medical specialist.
-If you have general aches and pains, particularly in your lower body, then being closer to a healthy weight for you height can really help with this.
-Feel better, more energised, less fatigued and everyday movements will feel easier.

Action points:
1) Be more active
-Don’t always take the easy options
– Move everyday
2) Sort out your diet
-Record a food diary for 1 week.
Review, change and improve by doing more of the good things and less of the bad things
3) Exercise
-Combination of CV & strength training
-If your not doing any at the moment start fo slowly and build it up
-If your already doing some that increase the volume and/or intensity gradually over time
-Sessions in water a good place to start initially as you are partially floating and water provides resistance
-Perform multi-joint/multi-muscle movements every day such as squat, hip hinge, single leg, lunge, push, pull, brace & rotate.

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