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Can the Richway BioMat Alleviate Arthritis Pain?

Isn’t time to get the pain relief you deserve? The Richway BioMat’s amazing health and healing properties help thousands suffering from arthritis and joint pain. Its infrared therapy effectively reduces the pain and stiffness normally associated with arthritis. The BioMat soothes your body and increases your ability to move around more freely. If you are someone who suffers from pain every day and has tried everything from pain medication to injections to surgery only to have them all fail—then BioMat may be the perfect answer for you. The BioMat uses new biotechnology with 17 layers of unique materials including the healing properties of amethyst for transferring natural infrared rays, and layers for thermal insulation as well as aluminum for reflection of infrared rays.

How does the Richway BioMat work?

The BioMat works well not only to soothe arthritis pain, but it has also has been shown to effectively relieve pain from, hip and knee joints, migraine headaches, stomach cramps, and sleeplessness. Seniors, professional athletes, day laborers, ballet dancers, construction workers, almost anyone who has chronic pain and has endured days without finding real pain relief, can reap the amazing benefits from the Richway BioMat.

What does BioMat work best on?

The Richway BioMat best on all types of chairs like recliners, therapy chairs, and even office chairs! Imagine wonderful pain relief for your arthritis in the comfort of your desk chair! It is guaranteed to make the workday go faster. The Richway Biomat makes use of electromagnetic energy to create a warmth that caresses our muscles and tissues to relieve joint pain and other aches and pains on contact. Many applaud this innovation as a breakthrough in modern technology created by leading scientists and top engineers.

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of the Richway BioMat:

Rejuvenates energy

Improves restless sleep

Helps in detoxification

Increases circulation

Increases metabolism

Promotes weight loss

Reduces generalized and local inflammation

Relieves joint pain and stiffness

Relieves acute and chronic pain

Reduces stress and anxiety

And now with the BioMat Mini, the perfect travel size Richway BioMat, you don’t even need to leave home without it! Pain relief in minutes! The BioMat mini makes the perfect gift for family or friends. The gift of healing and health is the best you can offer. Suitable for use in hospitals and urgent care clinics, the BioMat Mini is just what the doctor ordered. The amazing Richway BioMat, original or mini, is a holistic answer to pain relief. You’ve tried prescription meds and ineffective salves, now try BioMat! We guarantee you will love it! The BioMat makes a perfect gift for you or a loved one on Valentine’s Day. What’s more, you can order the BioMat online at and don’t forget to check out all of our other Richway BioMat related products such as the mini Biomat, the Biomat pillow and the Biomat Belt (Biobelt). Try the Richway BioMat today!

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