Chronic Pain Video

Can Negative Thoughts Really Lead To Physical Pain?

It’s hard to imagine that your own inner thoughts can manifest themselves as actual physical pain, right? Well, in this episode, I discuss this exact point with Master healer, Joshua Cameron.

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Episode 157 of the Fit Father Project Podcast is all about observing your thoughts and how unresolved trauma is creating chronic pain in your body.

In this episode, you’ll meet Joshua Cameron, an elite trained master healer whose purpose is to help those who have lived with chronic debilitating pain find relief and begin living their lives with joy, gratitude, and renewed energy.

Joshua has a gift that has helped his clients heal from chronic pain due to compacted spinal vertebrae, arthritis, severe heart conditions, and even cervical dystonia, relieving extreme pain in many cases.

Joshua’s journey hasn’t always been easy, overcoming his own struggles with PTSD and chronic pain. This experience is what has best equipped him to help those who have also had difficult healing journeys.

Whether severe brain trauma, liver or Lymph problems, or 20 years of rib pain from a car crash, he helps guide them to better navigate the mental and emotional terrain they experience.

Many people walk around with stored toxic memories and stories associated with them that manifest as pain. Letting go of those things that hold us down allows us all to grow into the best version of ourselves, abundant in all areas while living a pain-free life.

This powerful conversation will expand your mind and hopefully bring you into a state of less pain and more abundance!

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

– How unresolved trauma is creating chronic pain in your body.
– Why your negative thoughts are increasing your physical pain.
– How to quiet negative thoughts.
– How to guide others to know when their mind is blocking them.
– Why stagnation is the sign of the decay of the soul.
…and so much more!

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Quick Timestamps:
(0:00) Intro
(1:20) Meet Joshua
(2:43) How people relate to pain
(8:15) Agregors
(11:35) Joshua’s story
(21:06) Joshua’s vision and journey
(26:46) Quieting the mind
(35:56) How his sense of fear has changed
(43:13) Trauma, emotion, and the body
(48:12) An approach to self-healing
(54:47) Connect with Joshua

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