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CAM LIVE Sleep quality and chronic pain Part 1 with Amber Batson

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Dr Amber Batson, a veterinary behaviourist, joins Hannah Capon to discuss the intricacies of sleep quality and how this can influence chronic pain. Amber is a passionate advocate of good quality sleep for pets of all ages. They discuss the sleep requirements of dogs, how these change with age and the impact they have on physical and emotional health. They delve into the close association of sleep and pain experience and why good quality sleep in appropriate amounts is an essential part of a treatment plan. Part 2 will be streamed on 4 May 2021.

Dr Amber Batson graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999. She quickly became very interested in behaviour and undertook a number of qualifications on canine, feline and equine behaviour and welfare. Amber currently works primarily in providing education to owners and professionals in order to improve our understanding of behaviour, both to aid our relationships with animals and also to better recognise and address any health/welfare issues. She feels passionately about bridging the gap between up-to-date science and practical applications of that information.
She also continues to work in clinical practice as a behaviourist and as a vet. Her facebook page is here:

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