Chronic Pain Video

Book About How to Stop Chronic Pain

My new book about how to stop chronic pain is coming out in June. The goal of this book is to show what is most likely causing your chronic pain, then how to solve it. By reading this book you will better understand why stretching and self-massage is important and know that is an every day thing, regardless of your age. I will discuss why traditional treatments may have failed you in the past. You will why strength training is most important aftre 50 and why the food you eat could be why you are aging faster. I will show how mindfulness plays a critical role in reducing your pain. The last 5 chapters, I will delve into specific areas that have the most common aches and pains. Here I will dsicuss the possible causes and what you can do to reduce and even stop your pain. The goal of this book is to help you stop your chronic pain and empower you to keep it away for the rest of your life.