Pain Management Video

BIOPTRON® and Dr.Michael McNamara – Light Therapy for Pain Management and Pain Relief

Do you experience muscular back pain on the upper or lower back? Do you have arthritic pain on several areas of your body (e.g. legs, shoulders, neck, back, arms)? If you need to relieve and manage musculoskeletal pain or stiffness of joints then BIOPTRON is the solution for you.

Clinically proven and certified for the medical treatment of pain, BIOPTRON polarized light therapy penetrates deep into the tissue accelerating healing, radically reducing inflammation and promoting blood circulation.

Pain does not need to be part of your everyday life. BIOPTRON Light Therapy relieves pain effectively and safely from arthritis, low back pain, upper back and neck pain, sports injuries and other ailments. Feel better with just ten minutes of BIOPTRON Light Therapy treatment per day. 100% safe for all skin types, with no known side-effects, BIOPTRON’s lightweight handheld design easily targets sore spots. Ask our experts to advise you on how BIOPTRON can help relieve your pain.

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