Chronic Pain Video

Best fastest effective health treatment for seniors with chronic pain & symptoms of many sicknesses

2016 Dec 20, Instant Healing Tour to China Chengdu Sichuan province. Many local patients were given instant healing.
This is a senior with 7 to 8 years of leg pain which was diagnosed by his doctor as hereditary, and chronic, and he had been taking drugs and herbs throughout these 8 years, but he got fully recovered in only two treatments by the Instant Healer!

Over a thousand such healing videos by the Instant Healer posted at from events held in over 13 countries since 2012.

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You may not need surgery, drugs, physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractor, kinesiology, acupuncture, herbs, qi-gong, laser etc, to treat your pain, sports injuries, soreness, stiffness, numbness etc, when all it may take is a short light touch from an instant healer like one shown here. Believe it or not. There are several hundreds of such videos proving the possibility and existence of such instant healing which is beyond current scientific and medical understanding.
Free instant pain relief treatments are given without drugs, tools or any religious connection, just pure love and compassion to free this world of unnecessary pain and improve people’s quality of lives.
Benefits of this bare handed laying on hands treatment include :(1) faster than any pain management methods which mostly fool your brains by numbing the senses but the same pain returns after drug effect wanes, so you must keep buying and destroying your liver with more addictive and ever stronger drugs! This new pain treatment method is even faster than intravenous analgesic! (2) Easier to treat than any medicinal methods available today, because there is no use of any material, no herbs, no tools, no needles, no cupping, nor any instrument! (3) Cheapest to apply as it doesn’t need any material nor equipment. (4) This invisible higher dimensional “healing energy” is unlimited and no physical exertion is needed to use it, unlike the the qi-gong master getting tired after a few treatments. (5) If the patient has no income or low income, such as the retired elderly, children, students, etc, the treatments are free. (6) There is no side effects, except maybe live longer and increased libido. (7) This pain treatment can be effectively applied even through plaster castings, shoes, jackets