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Battling Chronic Pain? Discover the Secret to Pain Relief Through Energy Work (TYF 23)

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Episode Summary:
In this enlightening episode of Transform Your Future, Eddie Isin sits down with Gabrielle Pimstone, an expert in organizational psychology and energy healing. Gabrielle shares profound insights into how addressing the energetic roots of our pain can lead to transformative relief from chronic pain and anxiety. She discusses the power of techniques like Reiki, acupuncture, and chakra balancing, explaining how they can help manage pain by balancing the body’s energy fields and alleviating emotional blockages. Gabrielle also provides actionable advice on integrating energy work into daily routines, from mindful language practices to the importance of gratitude and spending time in nature. Tune in to discover how energy healing can complement traditional medical treatments and why it’s becoming a recognized practice in hospitals.
00:00 – Introduction to energy healing and how trauma, injury, and illness leave a vibrational frequency that becomes an energy block.
01:36 – Eddie introduces the episode and Gabrielle Pimstone, highlighting the focus on chronic pain and energy healing.
04:17 – Gabrielle talks about her background in organizational psychology and her journey into energy healing.
06:36 – Gabrielle shares how a podcast changed her life, leading to her career shift.
09:51 – Discussion on pain as a motivator and the concept of Kensho and Satori moments.
12:04 – Eddie and Gabrielle discuss the importance of proactive growth through insights rather than waiting for crises.
15:31 – Gabrielle explains how she uses energy healing as an adjunct to Western medicine and shares examples of its effectiveness.
18:38 – Detailed explanation of how trauma and energy blocks manifest physically and how energy healing can release these blocks.
22:13 – The placebo and nocebo effects and their implications in healing.
27:29 – Techniques for creating learning moments and finding joy in the journey of transformation.
29:35 – Gabrielle’s practical tips on harnessing the power of dreams for healing and personal growth.
33:39 – Discussion on lucid dreaming and how to achieve it.
37:08 – Identifying repetitive patterns as signs of energetic blocks.
39:32 – How limiting beliefs, especially around money, form and block abundance.
45:06 – Raising vibrational frequency through simple practices like using an hourly chime app and body scans.
48:23 – Importance of mindful language and gratitude practices in maintaining high vibrational energy.
51:38 – Spending time in nature as a rejuvenating practice.
53:54 – Summary of how energy runs the show and the importance of working at an energetic level for efficient change.
54:32 – Eddie commits to a 21-day challenge to document his dreams and integrate energy practices into his routine.
Key Quotes:
“Everything is energy, Eddie. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our behaviors—all have an energetic frequency.” – Gabrielle Pimstone
“Reiki works by balancing the body’s energy fields, which can help reduce stress and anxiety—two major contributors to chronic pain.” – Gabrielle Pimstone
“Acupuncture is incredibly effective for pain relief. It enhances blood circulation and reduces inflammation, key factors in managing chronic pain.” – Gabrielle Pimstone
“When energy is blocked in one of these chakras, it can manifest as physical pain or emotional distress.” – Gabrielle Pimstone
“Gratitude is a powerful tool for shifting your energetic state. It opens the door to other positive emotions like joy and generosity.” – Gabrielle Pimstone

Gabrielle Pimstone 28-days to healing energy immersion program.
Not mentioned in the PODCAST but I am currently reading – Healing Back Pain: The Body Mind Connection. By John E. Sarno M.D.
Join the Transform Your Future Newsletter where I write about reinvention and identity