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BACK PAIN STRETCHING – Coronavirus Quarantine – Home exercise with JUST A PILLOW! (Pain Relief)

Back Pain Stretching with a just a Pillow

Not flexible? Learn how to move correctly with your breath. You can enjoy a better healthier you from the inside out!

Using your breath, you bring fresh oxygen into your blood that helps you to relax and unwind allowing you to soften into your stretch without passing your edge.

Your edge detector is if you can still breathe deeply in each pose.

You never want to push yourself to where you hold your breath or lose your breath flow.

In this Pilates and Yoga stretching flow, we incorporate the pillow to help you execute the moves a little more comfortably.

Sitting on the pillow/cushion with knees crossed will allow your hips to help release so you can sit straighter and have less pressure on your lower back.

Follow along with this 20 min stretch routine designed to help increase flexibility and release your mind and body.

You end the lesson with a soothing mediation, laying on your back called Savasana.

I recommend you hold Savasana for 3-5 minutes if your schedule allows.

Comment below if the pillow helped you get deeper into your pose using it as a prop.

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