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There are a lot of Arthritis Symptoms that are very like other conditions of the joints. You may have Arthritis in Knee or Arthritis in Hands. Note that the main difference has to do with swelling. While some people do have swelling along with the rest of these symptoms, most donít. You also donít need to have these symptoms to have Arthrosis.
What Symptoms Should I Look For? The symptoms of Arthrosis start slowly and get worse slowly. Some people end up with worse conditions than others. You may experience tenderness, stiffness, swelling, and pain. The pain from Arthrosis will affect the joint, and sometimes the surrounding tissue due to swelling. Some people will hear a grating, clicking, or snapping noise in some of the joints that are affected. Because Arthrosis develops over time, you may barely notice a problem until you´re in need of medical care. Therefore, pay close attention to any of these potential symptoms so that you can treat your condition early rather than later.

* Hurts during Movement. Some conditions are improved with movement, like fibromyalgia. If you move around more youíre going to feel better. But with arthrosis, movement often makes the pain worse – and not just while youíre moving but later too. Therefore, be very careful adding exercise and make sure itís low impact for best results. Exercise is still important, though; you just have to find the right type.

* Tenderness but No Swelling ñ Often the joints affected will feel tender to the touch. Theyíll hurt when you massage or touch them. But, usually, there is no swelling. Unlike other types of arthritis which swell and even feel hot to the touch, arthrosis doesnít generally do that. Occasionally it can happen but it´s usually more tender than swollen.

* Joint Stiffness ñ Many people report joint stiffness that sometimes improves once they get going, such as in the morning. But many sufferers point to the constant joint stiffness that makes it hard to get up and down or enjoy things they used to enjoy such as walking or exercising.

* Hampered Mobility ñ Due to the joint stiffness and the tendency to start growing bone spurs in the affected area, mobility is often affected badly. Even with surgery, many people who suffer from arthrosis feel as if they canít do the things they like (such as gardening) without modifications.

* Pain. The condition is often first noticed when pain happens. The stiffness may have been blown off as part of getting old. But when the pain starts, damage has already been done to the cartilage of the joint which is what is causing the pain.

* Grating and/or Clicking Sound ñ Many people with advanced arthrosis will hear a clicking or grating sound (or both) when they move that joint. This happens mostly in the hips, knees, and shoulders, but can also happen in the fingers.

* Joints Become Firmer to the Touch ñ Some people notice that their bones seem to be protruding more and showing more. This is because your body is producing extra bone to try to fix itself, often causing much more pain and disfigurement.

* Bone Spurs. These can happen in any location but the most common is the thumb when it has to do with arthrosis. Surgery can be performed on people who have bone spurs, helping to alleviate some of the pain caused by them.

If you have any of these symptoms, itís a good idea to seek professional assistance and a diagnosis from your doctor. If you should get worse and you ever need disability, it will take longer to get if you didnít seek medical treatment from the start. In most cases, you will need a few years of medical history to qualify for disability. Keep track of your symptoms and write them down – that way when you go for your yearly physical you can report these issues.

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