Chronic Pain Video

Anger, Guilt, and chronic illness – how to deal with them as a mom. Bedridden Mom Series part 2

If you’ve got a chronic illness or disability tough enough to keep you in bed or on the couch, chances are you’ve dealt with some anger, guilt, and frustration at some point.

As moms, we want to keep control, but dealing with pain & these symptoms can be more than we can bear, especially if we’re dealing with lack of sleep & lack of understanding about our condition.

After 33 years of parenting 7 kids (2 young ones still at home), and a lot of opportunity for those problems to happen, I’ve recently learned a new way to get through it & move on to happier times.

When it comes to anger, some of us get through it quickly, while others struggle with letting it go. Everyone tells us the same thing, which is basically “just get over it,” or “it’s making you sicker.” Well, if it was that easy, we could just get over it, but I’ve got a new way to help. Check it out! And check out all the other videos in the Bedridden Mom Series, as well as the other help at