Chronic Pain Video

AGE 74 – Don’t let chronic pain win!

Suffered with pain 40 years of my life. It’s became constant past 10 years. Pain was winning and controlling my life.. So, one day, I just made-up my mind I would NO-LONGER
put up with it!
I became totally READY for the fight! First-thing, BIG CHANGES in my daily lifestyle. I did it all “slowly” but it worked! I went from a pain level 8 when i started down to 2, and today almost no pain at all … I am not as flexible as i use to be, but i will settle for what i have now if i have to.
Wow! I CAN MOVE almost normal again! My CHIROPRACTOR, and staff are amazed how far i have come. And they encouraged me to start a you tube channel.
I will SOON start sharing my TIPS of how i got to this level…