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After years of chronic neck pain Sandra got the use of her hands back with ACDF surgery | Follow up

I had the pleasure of catching up with Sandra Bagwell, a resilient Texas goat rancher, who shared her remarkable journey. We first met several months ago when she described her condition to me on a call in show. Sandra was barely able to function, yet alone take care of her ranching duties. My, how things have changed.

Sandra welcomed over 40 newborn goats into her herd this year, but it’s her personal journey that truly stands out. Sandra had previously undergone ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion) surgery due to neck issues but was left with chronic pain as a lingering companion. Her surgeon and pain doctor had expressed doubts about the possibility of a cure, leaving Sandra feeling trapped in a world of discomfort. Her pain management doctor wanted to put in apump to deliver mornphine and baclofen directly to the spinal fluid around her brain!

However, Sandra’s life took a turn for the better when she appeared on a Best Practice interview with me several months ago, where she received a crucial piece of advice: never cover up a problem that can be fixed. I asked her to seek a second opinion. Sandra took this advice to heart and consulted with another medical professional who recommended a repeat ACDF surgery.

The results of this decision have been nothing short of spectacular. Sandra shared that she has experienced minimal neck pain, with only slight difficulty swallowing, and most importantly, she has regained full use of her hands. Her newfound mobility and freedom from chronic pain have left her absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Sandra’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the importance of seeking second opinions and not giving up when faced with challenging health issues. Her story is a reminder that hope and healing are possible, and it’s never too late to explore new treatment options.

If you’re navigating a similar health challenge or considering a second opinion, this interview is a must-watch. It’s a heartwarming reminder that sometimes the right path to recovery is just around the corner.

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