Chronic Pain Video

Advanced Migraine and Chronic Pain Care with Dr. Asare Christian

In 2021 alone, an estimated 51 million adults in the United States experienced chronic pain. Dr. Asare Christian is a talented integrative pain management specialist and founder of Aether Medicine, a clinic that focuses on finding the root cause of pain disorders and migraines.

On today’s episode, Dr. Kate Henry and Dr. Asare Christian take a deep dive on chronic pain and how some patients may find relief. Here’s some of what they discuss:

1. The basics of migraines and chronic pain, causes, triggers, and how to prevent and resolve it.

2. The difference between abortive therapy to alleviate pain symptoms vs new classes of medications that target calcitonin gene-related peptides.

3. The role of the vagus nerve and nervous system in migraines reveals a fascinating connection between the gut-brain axis and the triggers of this central pain disease.

4. Science-backed nutrients and supplements for migraine relief including magnesium, which helps in relaxation and is involved in various bodily processes to promote balance.

5. Non-nutrient interventions for migraines, like neuro-modulator devices targeting the trigeminal nerve system, pain pathways, and the vagus nerve.

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