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Acute Pain and Chronic Pain in Kannada | Pain Management | Dr Kavita Katti

Pain can be classified into two broad categories – acute and chronic. In this video, pain management physician, Dr. Kavita Katti gives us a broad overview of pain management. She highlights their differences and the psychological impacts of chronic pain, which include anxiety and depression as well.

Some practical tips for managing chronic pain are focusing on function, setting realistic goals, maintaining a positive mindset, and building a support system. If these doesn’t help, then consulting a doctor becomes pertinent. Statistics reveal the prevalence of depression among chronic pain sufferers, prompting the incorporation of cognitive-behavioral therapy, pain management techniques, support groups, and mindful practices in treatment plans.

Additionally, preventive measures such as early intervention, medical assistance, physical therapy, medication, lifestyle adjustments, and stress management have been recommended for acute and chronic pain management.

0:29 – Acute Pain & Chronic Pain
0:32- How does it affect a person’s life?
0:38 – Types of Pain
1:09- How it impacts a person on a psychological level
02:03- Practical Tips
3:19 – Preventive Tips
3:48 – Conclusion


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